Creative Consultancy

“Craig is not only a great strategic thinker he understands the power of creativity as well.
I enjoyed my time working with him.”

Nick Cummins (Creative)

Creative Consultancy

We are independent of creative execution. Our business model will never include creative services. However, Strategy is a means to an end. If requested, we will continue to consult with our clients through the creative development process. As ex-Advertising Planners we are very familiar with the process, the requirements and how to get the best creative results. We ensure the In-house teams or Agencies are firstly excited by the strategy and then execute against it.  

Our clients have used the emergent brand recommendations for a host of deliverables. Brand strategy commonly is used for brand identity (including renaming, logo, look and feel development). The brand direction can also influence internal and external communications. Brand strategy definition or transformation can (should and has) also impacted everything from building architecture and interior design to new product development or rationalisation! Whatever might result, if desired we will work with you through to execution!

Over the years we have developed an extensive network of executional companies. We would be happy to facilitate initial contact, but only consult to you through the creative development (our philosophy or business model does not allow management of creative development).

‘Craig helped us to define the brand essence and brand stretch for Tontine. Craig was very easy to work with and is a very good facilitator and presenter. I highly recommend him.’

Scott Hayward