Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

Companies come to us to understand the metrics of their marketplace, and the attitudes motivation and behaviours of their current and potential consumers. We have conducted 1000’s of research projects over 4 continents. But we never, ever tire of finding out why.

We are highly experienced in all forms of quantitative and qualitative research. Both Business to Business and Business to Consumer. We have been researching markets and consumers for over 15 years, but our professional origins are in communications and brand strategy. Ensuring insight and strategic recommendations to help your business.

Business to Business: We regularly conduct executive interviews with boards, management teams and customers to give brands internal and external direction. We are well versed and sensitive towards the challenges in setting internal business, brand and communications strategy within a B2B context.

Business to Consumer: We are specialist within understanding consumer motivation, exploring category, competitor and product/service drivers through face-to-face research. We seek to understand the path to purchase to optimise your brand salience and sales at every consumer touchpoint. We do this within the wider market context, establishing through large questionnaire-based studies an understanding of the current picture and potential opportunity.

Research design can and does take any form, please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss potential approaches that suit your particular objectives. Below are some of the most typical and common approaches:

1. Market Context

Market Context

Small survey: time and cost effective nationally representative overview of the market: awareness, consideration, penetration (brand and retail) and perception

2. Consumer Insight

Consumer Insight

Groups/depth face to face interviews to ascertain market hierarchies, brand perception purchase process,
key messages within sales process.

3. Opportunity metrics

Opportunity metrics

Online questionnaire developed against potential and existing consumers to quantify opportunity, products, messaging through to segmentation