Core Team

Core Team

The Team

Our strength comes from multidisciplined skills. We all talk to the customer, we are all strategic planners, brand consultants and specialists in our own fields.

Our business model seeks to reduce cost and therefore fees to you. We have run and know the superior costs that larger agencies will charge you for similar services to ours. We operate a core team, who lead and are supported, when and if necessary, by consultants who we have worked with for many years across many projects.

Craig Hunter

A qualitative and quantitative researcher, strategic planner and brand consultant. A diverse skill set utilised in running large and small advertising and research agencies, before he established Blacksheep. He is originally English, but don’t hold that against him – he’s been here 19 years and recently become a citizen!

Dr. Philip Booth

Phillip has worked in and around Blacksheep for many years. He came to us from being the head of Qualitative research at The Leading Edge. As the name suggests one of Australia’s most experienced researchers. He is also a Doctor in Neuroscience and a screen writer!

Christa Kelly

Our Executive assistant and project coordinator with 20 years experience. Holding a number of roles in TV production for ABC, Freemantle, Seven Network, Channel 10, Endemol. Her core expertise lies in coordinating people, production and platforms on budget, on time.

Belinda Urbans

A qualitative and quantitative career researcher. Having learnt her trade at The Leading Edge, Belinda has become one of those rare researchers, comfortable running groups or user design research as well as complex quantitative design from surveys to segmentation!